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Operating as the sole point-of-contact for the communities I serve provides my community clients with several unique advantages and a level of dedication from me that my larger competitors can’t match.




When you call or send an email, there is no customer service department. It’s me you’ll be speaking with every time. And while I’m always happy to speak with homeowners and board members, through the use of some of the best technology in the field many questions can be answered and issues resolved 24/7 through any computer or smartphone without even needing to make a call or write an email.




One of the things that bothered me most working in this field is that every company I worked for had at least one practice or policy that I found highly deceptive or unethical. I make transparency and ethical business practices among my highest priorities for my community clients.


Board and committee members are unpaid volunteers with only so much of their time available to donate for the benefit of their communities. One of the main reasons communities stay with management companies whose work they aren’t satisfied with is because nobody has the time to dedicate to ensuring a smooth transition to new management. So I take almost all of the work out of it!