The following items must be included with this request form unless not applicable. Failure to provide documentation which is necessary and applicable may delay approval.

    By this request to make the described addition, alteration or modification and by submitting this form I, as the Owner, acknowledge and agree to comply with the following:

    1. I have read the Association Indenture of Trust & Restrictions, By Laws, Declarations and/or Association policy prior to submitting this application and review form.

    2. I agree to abide by the decision of the Association.

    3. I, and any subsequent Owner, am wholly responsible for all initial and recurring costs and liability associated with the installation, maintenance and repair of the described alteration. I, and any subsequent Owner, assume all responsibility for any damage to any common elements and/or injury that may occur as a result of this alteration and will minimize interference and inconvenience to others.

    4. Any approval granted by the Association shall be contingent upon all work being performed in accordance with all applicable laws, codes, ordinances and regulations of any government and/or agency(ies) and it will be my responsibility to obtain at my cost all necessary certificates, permits and licenses required by such agencies and to provide the Association with copies of same, if required.

    5. If the modification is not completed as approved, the approval can be revoked and the modification will be required to be removed by me at my expense, or modified to the acceptance of the Association.

    6. I will be responsible for all reasonable costs and expenses to ensure compliance with Association standards, including attorney’s fees if applicable.

    7. I understand approval is not final until it is provided in writing and will automatically expire in six (6) months, unless otherwise specified. Work will be completed timely once commenced, in a good workmanlike manner, and within a timeframe acceptable to the Association.

    8. If an exterior change request is denied or approved with conditions I disagree with, I may resubmit the request within thirty (30) days further detailing its merits. The Association will review the request again and render a final decision.

    9. I agree and understand that I am ultimately responsible for ensuring compliant completion of this modification, and if the Association must take action for a noncompliant modification that its recourse will be with me, not my contractor or any other third party.